The Wellness Chemist

An everyday person looking to get well and stay well.

The blends are mixed by a PhD chemist who was diagnosed with a neurological illness and decided, after 4 years of taking a painful daily injection,  to become an active part of promoting her own wellness. She also noticed that she was picking up the common cold and flu easily from year to year.  She wanted a simple way to incorporate wellness into her daily routine and boost her immune system.  

With her scientific background, she knew how to conduct extensive research and started adding superfood powders to her water, tea and smoothies. She has been off of her medicine for six years and very rarely catches anything! 

Bottom line: Although she was not trained as a health professional, she used her analytic and problem solving skills to prevent and manage her illnesses and now she wants to share her personal wellness research with others.

Her DISCLAIMER: Superfoods have been around for thousands of years and have been proven to have noticeable health and wellness benefits. They vary from individual to individual. She is not a physicians and therefore does not prescribe or make any claims of how it might impact your wellness. She has simply made daily wellness convenient. Give them a try......the potential benefits will hopefully drive your curiosity. 

Be  Well.  Wellness Matters.